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This page lists the usual terms and conditions of using the site and spells out the privacy policy. I'm not so clueless that I'll say "Using this site means you agree to these terms and conditions" because I can't see how sites that do that could possibly enforce that without popping them up before the user actually could read anything.

Anyway, here's a list of the policies on the page. I hope you'll read them and respect them, but it's not like I can do much if you don't.


All opinions, reviews and descriptions on this site are copyrighted by Silicon Valley Video Group. Most of the photographs are also copyrighted by Silicon Valley Video Group. If you use any of our content, please give us credit and link to our site. (See the linking policy below.)

Linking To Us

Near the bottom of each page, you'll find text that says "Accessed from Silicon Valley Pocket PC", followed by the URL you should use to link to that page. Use that URL for "deep linking" (linking to a page on a site other than the home page). Those links allow me to move the content around without causing older links to break.

If a page does not have text indicating the URL to use, please do not link to it directly.

Also, if your site uses graphical buttons, please use one of the following graphics to link to us.

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Please do not use the HTML image tag to link to images. Some people call that "bandwidth stealing", because the image download uses their bandwidth, which they may be paying for. I don't call it stealing, because the Web is intended to be a place of links, and many people probably don't realize the implications of those links. However, I feel that requests not to link should be respected.

If you want to use any images from this site, please do one of the following.

  1. Copy the image to your site (subject to the Downloads policy). Give credit to this site, preferably with a link to the page the image was on.
  2. Provide a link to the page the image is on. Many of the pages here have sections with HTML names, which allow you to target the content being linked to more precisely. View the HTML source to find the name.

Links To Other Sites

This site links to lots of other sites. I have personally visited every site before linking to it (with the exception of sites linked to in any ads), but that doesn't mean those sites are safe or are still owned by the same people (domains go out of business all the time and are often bought by scummy "search" sites hoping to capitalize on the popularity of the former site). Because of that, I can't warrant that any of the sites are free from malware or even exist. If you're using the Internet, you should realize that this also applies to pretty much any site you visit.

If you find that a site we link to is gone or not safe, please use our contact page to report that site.

Permitted Usage Of Downloads

Items on the Downloads page are free. They are not to be redistributed without express written permission. Instead, provide a link to the download page (not the specific download file there).

Advertising Policy

Our advertising policies are described on our Advertising page

Reviewing Policy

Our reviewing policies are described on our Review Agreement page

The World's Simplest Privacy Policy

We don't gather your private information (unless you E-mail us with it). We won't give or sell any information we do get to anybody else. We don't monitor, track you or put spyware on your computer. We don't even use cookies unless you do any of the following:

NOTE: Some of the services we use — like counters or statistics — may put cookies on your computer or track you.

If you do E-mail us, we may obviously use that information to reply to you, but we won't spam you. We may also view some Web logging statistics to get an idea of who visits the site, what pages are popular and what sites reference us, but we won't give or sell that information to anybody else. Your business is your business, not ours.

If you have any questions, please use the Contact page to send us your feedback.

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