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Here are reviews of some hardware and software that I've used. Reviews are grouped by categories:

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Software Reviews

ALK CoPilot Live 4 Pocket PC
This is not a full review, just some early impressions of the latest version of this GPS product. I will update this as I work with the product more.
Aurorisoft dotPocket Virtual Display and Remote Control Program
dotPocket is a virtual display program that allows you to change the resolution and orientation of your screen. It also includes a remote control program to allow you to control your Pocket PC from your regular PC. How well does it work? Check it out!
Evolutionary Solutions Emerald Hunt
Its graphics aren't the greatest, its user interface can be annoying, it's even hazardous to your Pocket PC. So why do I like this game so much? Read the review!
Ilium Software ListPro 4
Are you a person who loves to create lists? If so, you really should check out ListPro. Read the review to find out why.
Pocket PuTTY Pre-Alpha
Do you need an SSH client? Would you like a free one? Read the review to find out if Pocket PuTTY is worth the price.
Priebe Software Pocket Euchre
Do you like Euchre? Do you like free software? Then read the review to see why you'll like Pocket Euchre!
Resco Explorer 2003 Version 5
Do you want an excellent file browser that does a whole lot more? Then read the review to see if Resco Explorer is for you!

Accessory Reviews

Infiniter XP 4-in-1 Stylus
Could this be the world's coolest stylus? Yes, it could. Find out why!
Infiniter XP II 4-in-1 Stylus
We have a new contender for the world's coolest stylus. Does it beat the Infiniter XP? Read the review and find out!
RAM Motorola Q Dashboard Mount
Will a dashboard mount work well for your device? Read this review and decide!
RhinoSleeve iPAQ Holster
Rhinoskin has produced an aluminum holster for the iPAQ 3000 and 5000 models. How does it stack up to the iHolster for the iPAQ? Read on!

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Windows Mobile based Pocket PC and Smartphone
Windows Mobile based Pocket PC and Smartphone by mtekk
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Windows CE Webring
Windows CE Webring by oldbwl
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