Advertising on Silicon Valley Pocket PC

While this isn't a site that exists primarily to make money off of ads, we do accept some limited advertising. The following sections describe what kind of ads we accept, where they go and what they cost.

What Advertising Formats Do You Accept?

Currently only banner ads. The ad should be a standard landscape banner size (468 x 60 pixels), although some small variances are acceptable. It can be JPG, GIF or PNG, but not Flash. If it's animated, it should be subtle, not garish.

All ads must be approved before posting on the site. The page the ad links to must also be approved.

Where Will The Ad Be Displayed?

The banner will appear at the top of each page listed in the navigation bar except for the About page (and the RSS feed). It will not be available on the following pages:

Ads will not be shown in the following limited circumstances:

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost is $50 US per month for an exclusive run (no rotation). Payment must be made via PayPal after the ad has been approved. Once payment is received, the ad will go up within 48 hours. The month starts the first full day the ad is live.

What Else Should I Know?

We only want reputable sites and businesses advertising here, and all ads must be relevant to this site. All Web sites will be checked for appropriate content. All businesses will be evaluated as follows:

If you're interested in advertising with us, please use the Contact page for more information.

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