About Silicon Valley Pocket PC

The mission of Silicon Valley Pocket PC is to provide an interesting and useful group of resources for the Windows Mobile (and Windows CE) community. This primarily means Handheld PCs, Pocket PCs and Smartphones.

Who's Behind the Site?

The site is run by me, Steve Mueller. I'm just a fan of the Windows Mobile plaform. If you want to find out more about me, including my history and what devices and accessories I have, check out my History page.

What's the Site's History?

I had been keeping a list of bookmarks for Windows CE and Pocket PC sites, but the list was getting unwieldy. I decided to do what I did with my regular bookmarks — turn them into a Web page. As long as I was making a Web page, I figured I should put it on the Web for the benefit of other Pocket PC fans. That happened in late February 2002, and it's grown from there. Besides a great links section, I've added the following main content sections:

If you want to see an extremely detailed history of the site, you can check the Updates page.

How Can I Contact You?

Use our Contact page for private communications, or post something in the forum if you have technical questions.

Can I Help?

Sure! While I'm not looking for direct help on the site, there are several ways to help.

You can use the Contact page to send any suggestions.

If you have any comments, please use the Contact page to send us your feedback.

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Windows Mobile based Pocket PC and Smartphone
Windows Mobile based Pocket PC and Smartphone by mtekk
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Windows CE Webring
Windows CE Webring by oldbwl
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