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Help Us To Help You

Postby SV Pocket PC » Mon Jan 21, 2008 2:28 pm

If you're asking for help, help us to help you by including all the relevant information.

For example, here's a list of things to tell us:

  • What device you're using -- the maker and model (and, for phones, the carrier). If a device has different names on different carriers, like many HTC devices, giving both the OEM and carrier names will be useful. For example, the T-Mobile Dash and the HTC Excalibur.

  • What version of Windows Mobile is installed on the device -- Don't assume that we know. For example, Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone or Windows Mobile 6 Standard.

  • Whether you've done soft or hard resets already -- A soft reset is always a good idea to try before reporting problems. If the problem keeps occurring, then ask.

  • What hardware and software you're using -- Even if the question isn't about those, it can help to know. Include version numbers where possible.

  • What OS and version of ActiveSync you're using on your PC -- If you're asking about connectivity questions. Also let us know whether you rebooted your PC.
If you don't supply specific answers, we may only be able to give general advice.

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