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How Not To Give Feedback

Postby SV Pocket PC » Mon Apr 30, 2007 10:30 am

A "Mr. C X X", somebody with the cojones of a water flea, wrote on our comment form:

C X X wrote:get a life! what the hell do you need a ppc for when apparently you have NOTHING to do but talk about CASES FOR YOUR PDAS?

I'm a positive person, so I don't think even that type of E-mail is useless -- it can serve as a bad example. Let's look at everything wrong with this.

First, it's wrong on the facts. While I do mention what cases I have on my History page, I only mention two of them. They certainly aren't even a significant percentage of that page.

I also reviewed a holster, but that's only one review out of several that have nothing to do with cases.

Second, who appointed this pinhead to decide what other people should do in their spare time? I didn't realize we now had leisure police roaming the Internet.

Third, this alleged person completely missed the irony of his comments. What kind of person goes to a site, apparently doesn't like it, but instead of giving constructive suggestions for improvement (or just leaving), writes something like that? Yeah, guy, you have a rich and fulfilling life. :roll:

So, ladies and gents, please use this instructive example of what not to do on the Internet.

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