Can Cell Phones Now Be Viewed As PDAs?

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Can Cell Phones Now Be Viewed As PDAs?

Postby BE500Guy » Tue Aug 17, 2010 6:16 pm


I'm putting this in "Hardware" only because it's about hardware, but it's more of a philosophical question related to when technologies merge.

Since I joined this site this question has been slowly creeping more and more into that part of the brain that can relax between tasks or jobs while I'm sipping on some go juice -- coffee.

I'm just wondering when folks will start considering a cell phone, or any of those other mobile phone things, as a PDA. I mean, I see advertisements now (or saw) about a mobile phone having some kind of Windows software, at least I think I remember seeing that someplace.

I guess I am also wondering, by extension, whether you folks here will open up discussions to that which covers those phones?

Just a thought that's been bugging me, and if I'm out of line I apologize and will not fret if the topic disappears.

I also wanted to get that other post, the story, done before I posted this, but time has not been my friend in that regard. So I have caved to my curiosity as to your opinions on this topic I'm posting.

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Re: Can Cell Phones Now Be Viewed As PDAs?

Postby SV Pocket PC » Wed Aug 18, 2010 7:33 am

So-called "smart phones" have basically been PDAs for years. Even feature phones have some PDA features in them, like calendars, address books and to-do lists. Many even have the ability to download and run apps (like Verizon's BREW-based Get It Now store).

It's just that the term PDA seems to have fallen out of fashion. This is possibly because smart phones are now more than just plain PDAs; they're also Internet devices, game machines and so on.

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